Session 18: Effects of pre- and post-fire management on vegetation recovery

Organisers: Marcos Francos, Paulo Pereira and Xavier Úbeda.


Pre- and Post-fire management is a global action, above all in Mediterranean ecosystems. According the type of management and the time between fire and management can determinate the post-fire vegetation. Pre-fire management can influence in fire severity changing in vegetal richness, evenness, density and diversity. Post-fire vegetation can be influenced by the type of management and the time between fire and management. This studies can be done taking into account the quantity and the quality of vegetation. This kind of managements can determinate the prevalence of one or other species. More studies about this topic are necessaries to understand how affect the pre- and post-fire management on different vegetal index and in species recovery.

Session format: This session could be a good tool to show new studies about the vegetation in burned areas. About the format, could be a poster session or an oral presentations session. In second case each study can be exposed in 10 minutes and after each three presentations will be time to questions.