Session 6: Land degradation and restoration: the State of the Art

Organisers: Artemi Cerdà, University of Valencia, Spain, Tani Taguas, University of Cordoba, Spain, Anton Charles Imeson, 3D Environmental Change – Desertification, Francesco Morari, University of Padova



Land Degradation faces complex challenges at the beginning of the XXI century, with environmental, social, economic and political dimensions. Although the topic was originally focused on the arid, semiarid, and dry sub-humid regions, land degradation is increasingly seen as a worldwide threat. This session provides a platform for papers that discuss biophysical (soil erosion, soil degradation, climate change, flora and fauna, water resources, ecosystem services…), social (gender, community research approaches, farmers perceptions, land use decision making…), economic (land management, poverty, investments in sustainable land management…) and political aspects (new and old policies, land rights, governance…) at different temporal and spatial scales.  A selection of papers from this session will be published in Science of the Total Environment prior a peer review process.



Format: Oral/Poster