Session 8: Landscape Based Urban Adaptation: developing a systemic view on climate resilient AND HEALTHY cities

Organisers: Gerben Mol, Wageningen Environmental Research, The Netherlands,, Hasse Goosen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands., Sandra Boekhold, RIVM, The Netherlands


Many cities have lost their functional connection to the landscape and the soil-water system that they were built on and that surrounds them. Solutions for urban climate adaptation, however, can often be found in using these natural assets in a smart way. E.g. by making use of the geomorphological structure of the subsurface for promoting infiltration and providing temporary water retention. Currently this is often impossible because of soil sealing and city design that is out of sync with the landscape. A landscape based urban adaptation approach aims to find solutions for improving the resilience of cities and simultaneously improving health conditions by optimally connecting cities to their natural environment.

The session format will depend on the number of abstracts submitted, and can range from a full set of oral presentations of individual papers to an opening keynote-type lecture followed by an interactive discussion session on what is needed to achieve this connection. Whatever the format, the aim is to explore the landscape based adaptation approach with many examples and discuss it with experts from various professional networks and stakeholder groups on climate adaptation and resilient and healthy, liveable cities. We like to stress that this includes policy makers and other end users. Abstracts that are not selected for oral presentation will be awarded a poster presentation.